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Time after time consumer is searching about what is the best car coating.
There are people like to support Japan product or German product. Some car coating seller use to mention only Japan make coating, or Korea manufacturer is the biggest one.

But so many story which one we be listening to?

With the reverse engineering technology ability to be performed now a days , there is no longer secret recipe for car coating as well as car wax industry.

Here are some of the real photos of harden coating product taken:

First is the SIO2 series of coating sample, hard rock glass harden outlook:

Secondly is the 60 series of coating sample, hard rock glass harden outlook:

The chemist used to generate the SIO2 ingredient to 9H performance content:
Too many layers of 9H coating applied may lean to the easiest to get surface crack when faced any pressure hit.
And it was tested by lab chemist.
The result chemist confirmed is 9H is the lack of elasticity coating whereby 7H or less coating are more Elastic. Whereby elastic is more suitable for car coating. Unless the 9H coating is applied in lee than 4 layers on car body.

But there are times where some detailers or reseller claim with 9H hardness of car coating?
Better is time for you to re-think again the possibility.

We offered the testing tool here to test out the hardness:
Hardness Pencil from Japan:

Or the surface press D hardness testing from China:

**Caution! your car coating might be scratched or crack if your coating is lack of hardness!

It's time to rethink again? Yes.
think of how reasonable is hardness of coating? and how realistic is this?

Thanks to Chemist by local lab production.
What our coating product series carried here? Both the ceramic and SIO2.
Read below:
See how we deliver Hard Coating work here, by Kalex Car Detailing:

Below is a simple walk-through table about wax/coating:
Parameters Wax(ALL brands/range) Polymer coating SIO2 Glass coating
Hydrophobicity Good Good Best
Glossy effect Best Good Best
Weather Resistance Normal Months Acid & Alkaline Resistance
Durability Week - Months Months Years
Hardness No No Yes
Scratch Resistance No Weak Very Good
Solvent Resistance Remove upon contact Remove upon contact Not removable after Crystalization
Easy Cleaning No No Yes
Elasticity No No Yes
Best dust repellent ICE Turtle Meguairs M188 Coat Extreme Gloss 9H, Shogun Keho Japan, Deutschland WolveAuto Germany
Cost effective Turtle M188 Yes
Easy application Turtle M188 Extreme Gloss 9H, Shogun Keho Japan, Deutschland WolveAuto Germany
Parameters Ceramic coating Normal sealant Sealant coating
Hydrophobicity Best Good Best
Glossy effect Good Good Best
Weather Resistance Acid & Alkaline Resistance Normal Good
Durability Years Months Years
Hardness Yes No No
Scratch Resistance Very Good Weak Normal
Solvent Resistance Not removable after Harden Remove upon contact Remove upon contact
Easy Cleaning Yes No Yes
Elasticity NA No No
Best dust repellent Germany Autos Ceramic Coat No ICE shine lock
Cost effective Yes Yes Yes
Easy application Yes Yes ICE shine lock

Honest to say, It depends on which is our consumer preference here.
To get a premium car coating, I suggest you SIO2 with elasticity coating:
(1)  Japan Extreme Gloss 9H Coating (durability 36 months and above)
(2)  Japan Shogun Keho (durability 1 to 2 years- most detailers preferences).
(3)  Deutschland WolveAuto Germany SIO2 (durability 1 to 2 years- most valuable).
(4)  Germany Autos Ceramic Coat (durability 1 to 2 years- most hardness of ceramic technology in car coating industry).

 All of them are premium grade high performance Auto Coating range. Each bottle of them carries the great result with detailing package range from RM1500 to RM2500.

To get a easiest car sealant coating, easy apply and last for a year, I suggest you the Turtle wax Smart-Shield Technology Ice Shine Lock sealant coating.

To get the easiest coating in this world, spray and wipe easy instant coating, I suggest you the TAC Korea Premium Glass Coating.

Read our sample detailing result from our customer about 36mnths coating here. [Click]

All available for sale here. [Click]

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Turtlewax Professional series that famous in UK/Europe as well in China. Now available in Malaysia!

*Do you know how big is Turtlewax in China? and some Europe countries. Do you know that some countries offered Professional range of Turtle professional detailing as well in Asean / ANZ?

Same question again, how did China detailing industry rated for Turtlewax there?
I had captured some samples which will gave us more clue:

First thing first, it was rated as best selling car wax ever, with super high sales volume among all:

With top 2 ranking of votes among all brands!

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

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