Thanks to Tevo for giving the opportunity! The Tevo awesome Nano-tech Bike & Bicycle Coating is now launch for sale in Malaysia!
Now with the Malaysian citizen is getting the benefit in this local country we can get this cool stuff for our beloved Bike & Bicycle!

Who is Tevo?
Leading Protection Coating Manufacturer & Supplier
TEVO Creations provides integrated technology solutions worldwide, associating with high quality and innovation products specialized in the field of chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology. Together with leading R&D professionals; we develop, design, enhance and market highly innovative products ranging from electronics, household consumers to industrial users with the aims of provide one stop, end to end services for all individuals, companies and business associates. 

This section is about the new coating for Bike & Bicycle:
TEVO Auto Glass Coating Product series will protect the clear coat and base color from ultra violet rays and acid rains, preventing them from degradation and color fading. It enabled the painted surface look as glossy as a new bike even 5 years later. Besides that, stains would be hardly get stuck on the surface due to the super hydrophobicity of the coated surface, even it is stained, it can be easily removed by plain water flushing and rinsing.


Why TEVO Protection Coating on your bike & bicycle?

Here is your benefit:
  • *Paint protection from uv & ageing (color degradation & fading)
  • *Rust & oxidization prevention
  • *Eliminate permanent organic stains (bird droppings, tree saps, watermarks, etc)
  • *Easy cleaning properties (plain water rinse & wipe)
  • *Superb durable & lifespan
  • *Superb glossiness (Gloss & color retention up)
  • *Faded color restoration
  • *Chemical resistance
  • *Hardness protect
  • *No more wax or polish needed as long as Tevo is with your Bicycle/Bike!
  • *Strong anti abrasion
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**Only serious and honesty business person.

More showcase by Tevo on how they are with Superbike community:

  • Although we see all are the Superbike related showcase but it doesn't mean that's for all, the special designated Bicycle coating is now available as well!
The New product packaging will be the 90% same as below:

The above TEVO BiCYCLE & Bike coating are premium quality which last more than 12 months with hardness surface added as protection to bicycle and bike with only RM159.90 initial price launch.

WE understand the different requirement from different segment of consumer hence here we got a cost effective bicycle coating as alternative choice as well. This is a economy pack which last for 2 to 4 months depends on environment weather. At only Rm49.90

Both are DIY available with simple manual guide. Guarantee sure user can DIY!

Our product are available at Walkin retail as below Bicycle shop, coating service is available offer by our bicycle coating specialist:

Our Authorized retailer and coating specialist :
MiniVelo from BM. Please contact Mr Heng for service or visit MiniVelo to purchase Bicycle coating.

Or you can purchase our product at below:
1. Tevo Premium Bicycle & Bike Coating DIY Kit
2. Economy pack Bicycle coating 

Advice to customer_user_Diyer_detailer_together

Great thanks to our customer support.
Here are some advice/feedback to our customer on some question for detailing and inquiry:

To those DA user:
Always remember you do not need to put so much of forces on DA. The harden forces and strength you press on the DA will make the DA difficult to spin well. It will rotates difficultly.
Light handling and steady holding is more than enough, remember light and easy going.
It will take more time to correct the defective surface of clear coat. Yes more time.

DA is design for dummy usage and prevent heat. Always remember. "DA is not to design correct and compound but prevent heat!"

I will suggest any detailer don't just get satisfy with xenon light or florescence light source. Some swirl you still can't trace out but only with LED/Halogen spot light.
The display of halogen spotlight here is 300W. Initially a 500W after blow..

Multiple light source is a best choice for polishing work.

To get a handy light source , led spotlight itself is definitely not enough.
If anyone do not believe this can just park your car under the 12pm hot sun and watch/observe you car clear coat for another 2 minutes.
You will trace out the further swirl you miss out during your polishing due to the lack of light source as your culprit in detailing polishing.

Little drops of compound liquid is more than enough.
Need not to apply too much.

Little can help you to prevent polishing residue that stay on your clear coat which took much of your time to remove it.

  Sharing knowledge:  How to wash sponge pad correctly.

Clear coat comparison after TAC Korea Compound

How to use DA machine_no force no pressure

For customer who bought auto-coating and wish to DIY. Please refer below url link to youtube:
We are very sorry for the lame camera(Cheap Cellphone & up side down capturing), because we don't have the editor tool to modify that.But trust us that the work is not a rocket science to DIY, you just can do-it-yourself. Please click below url. Thanks.

How to - simple auto coating application(Kalex Car Detailing) with NKB China budget coating

How to - simple auto coating application(Kalex Car Detailing) -Buff away coating

We are in progress to redevelop a better video...sorry for the lame catching..

Best Car coating_with best cost effective

Best car coating comparison

Time after time consumer is searching about what is the best car coating.
There are people like to support Japan product or German product. Some car coating seller use to mention only Japan make coating, or Korea manufacturer is the biggest one.

But so many story which one we be listening to?

With the reverse engineering technology ability to be performed now a days , there is no longer secret recipe for car coating as well as car wax industry.

Great thanks to Tevo company , local Malaysia production of chemical item shown to me about their experiment of coating hardness sample.
I would like show those photos taken here:

First is the S36 series of coating sample, hard rock glass harden outlook:

Secondly is the S60 series of coating sample, hard rock glass harden outlook:

The chemist used to generate the SIO2 ingredient to 9H performance content:
Unfortunately that the 9H glass coating is the easiest to get surface crack when faced any pressure hit.
And it was tested by lab chemist.
The result chemist confirmed is 9H is the lack of elasticity coating whereby 7H or less coating are more Elastic. Whereby elastic is more suitable for car coating.

But there are times where some detailers or reseller claim with 9H hardness of car coating?
Better is time for you to re-think again the possibility.

We offered the testing tool here to test out the hardness:
Hardness Pencil from Japan:

Or the surface press D hardness testing from China:

**Caution! your car coating might be scratched or crack if your coating is lack of hardness!

It's time to rethink again? Yes.
think of how reasonable is hardness of coating? and how realistic is this?

Thanks to Chemist by local lab production.
What Tevo produced?
Read below:

Tevo used to export coating to numbers of countries, but now Tevo will focus back to our local country Malaysia.
Watch the side by side comparison of Cquartz vs Tevo. Tevo is confident enough to take up the challenge. If to choose a side to stand for. I will definitely give a big hand over to Tevo, our local production which can deliver an international quality product in Automotive industry!

Full premium set of Tevo coating available here:

See how we deliver S36 Coating work here, by Kalex Car Detailing:

Below is a simple walk-through table about wax/coating:
Parameters Wax(ALL brands/range) Polymer coating SIO2 Glass coating
Hydrophobicity Good Good Best
Glossy effect Best Good Best
Weather Resistance Normal Months Acid & Alkaline Resistance
Durability Week - Months Months Years
Hardness No No Yes
Scratch Resistance No Weak Very Good
Solvent Resistance Remove upon contact Remove upon contact Not removable after Crystalization
Easy Cleaning No No Yes
Elasticity No No Yes
Best dust repellent ICE Turtle No Tev-tech, Keho
Cost effective Turtle No Yes
Easy application Turtle No TAC
Parameters Ceramic coating Normal sealant Sealant coating
Hydrophobicity Best Good Best
Glossy effect Good Good Best
Weather Resistance Acid & Alkaline Resistance Normal Good
Durability Years Months Years
Hardness Yes No No
Scratch Resistance Very Good Weak Normal
Solvent Resistance Not removable after Harden Remove upon contact Remove upon contact
Easy Cleaning Yes No Yes
Elasticity Not No No
Best dust repellent No No ICE shine lock
Cost effective No Yes Yes
Easy application No Yes ICE shine lock

Honest to say, It depends on which is our consumer preference here.
To get a premium car coating, I suggest you SIO2 with elasticity coating: Tech-tech S36 ,S60/ Japan Extreme Gloss Keho. Both are premium grade high performance Auto Coating range.

To get a easiest car sealant coating, easy apply and last for a year, I suggest you the Turtle wax Smart-Shield Technology Ice Shine Lock sealant coating.

Te get the easiest coating in this world, spray and wipe easy instant coating, I suggest you the TAC Korea Premium Glass Coating.

Read our sample detailing result from our customer about S36 here. [Click]

S36,S60 available for sale here. [Click]


Turtlewax Professional series that famous in UK/Europe as well in China. Now available in Malaysia!

*Do you know how big is Turtlewax in China? and some Europe countries. Do you know that some countries offered Professional range of Turtle professional detailing as well in Asean / ANZ?

Same question again, how did China detailing industry rated for Turtlewax there?
I had captured some samples which will gave us more clue:

First thing first, it was rated as best selling car wax ever, with super high sales volume among all:

With top 2 ranking of votes among all brands!

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

With Sample forum article/sharing:

Something you might interested to know: