Guideline for how to order from KALEX Car Detailing?

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Please email me your detail with name, quantity, mode of delivery and contact number.
I will you and inform you with the payment mode once ordering time window is near to close.


Email to : or

Information needed:
Name :
Product number (*if have) or Product name : 
Quantity :
Mode of delivery :
Contact number/email :

Sample data 1:
Name : Alex K
Product number (*if have) or Product name :  Sierra Bead and Sierra wash

Quantity : Sierra Bead 2 , Sierra Wash 1
Mode of delivery : Self-collection
Delivery State/Place : Penang
Contact number/email : 010-1111111

Sample data 2:
Name : Alex A

Product number (*if have) or Product name :  Sierra Bead and Car lock CM210

Quantity : Sierra Bead 1 , Car lock CM210 1

Mode of delivery : Courier
Delivery State/Place : Johor
Contact number/email : 010-2222222

Please refer to below contact for any inquiry and more detail/information:
Email: or
Contact Number: Call or sms will do 0125217703

This will be update frequently upon purchasing period:
Latest closing date for ordering : NO CLOSING DATE! GRAB NOW!

Locate Us:
if you would like to visit our office please met-up/appointment with us at below address:
1079 2nd floor, Jalan Tok Kangar, Pusat Perniagaan Juru Avenue, 14100, Simpang Ampat, Penang.